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Welcome to another installment of the Stella Blog Series from your community of apartments near Medical Center. As the seasons change from summer to fall — or really just late summer if we’re being honest — a lot of our residents are looking for new jobs. Even if you’re not looking to change positions, it’s always good to familiarize yourself with modern interview methods and resume advice.


The blog post below is filled with interview tips that you can use next time you’re on the hunt for a new position. Getting to the interview stage is the hardest part of a job search, but acing an interview is no easy task. The tips in this week’s blog are intended to help you feel more prepared and confident next time you do step into an interview. With that, let’s dive right into the post! Oh, and when you’re done reading through it, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in Medical Center.


Write down more questions than you’ll ever ask


You’ve probably heard that you should ask questions at the end of the interview, but we’re taking that advice a step further. It’s likely that you’ll ask questions throughout the interview, and you might use up a couple of the questions that you were going to ask at the end. If you’re not careful, you might use up all your questions during the interview. The best way to combat this is to write down 5-10 questions ahead of time. That way, you’ll be guaranteed to have some left at the end of the interview.


Give the interviewer something memorable


Before you practice your talking points, think about what the interviewer will say to their colleagues once your interview is over. You want them to be excited to share your story. You want them to have a memorable anecdote to share, or a story that you told that shows why you’re an ideal candidate. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to tell their colleagues that you were, “fine,” but nothing stood out. Come up with a memorable story, residents!


Ask a mentor for help ahead of time


The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice, but it’s not enough to talk to yourself in a mirror. Try to find someone in your life, preferably an older or more experienced mentor, who will conduct a fake interview with you. When you do this fake interview, try to make it as real as possible. Dress up like you would for the real thing. Sit in an office; in an environment you’re unfamiliar with. Lastly, be sure to record the interview and look back on it with your mentor so they can point out where you did well and where you can improve.


We’re all out of interview tips for this week, residents! It’s our pleasure to write these posts for y’all, and we hope that you feel as though you learned some useful interview tips from this week’s post. Be sure to let us know if any of these tips help you land your next job!


We’ll have a new blog up on the site in a couple weeks, so go ahead and bookmark our blogs page so you can easily check back when the next post goes live! While you wait for the next blog, be sure to follow us on social media. That’s the best way to ensure you’re among the first to hear about resident events, promotions and giveaways happening at your community of apartments on Alameda Rd.

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